CRNCH Summit

The Georgia Institute of Technology's CRNCH (Center for Research into Novel Computing Hierarchies) is tasked with finding novel ways to compute by rethinking every level of the computing stack. CRNCH combines experts from all disciplines, from device and materials, through circuits and architecture, to language, software and application experts. CRNCH also includes hardware spanning from memory-centric systems to neuromorphic chips. This novel approach is what makes the Georgia Tech CRNCH approach to post-Moore computing so unique among academic centers.

In the spirit of sharing ideas and exchanging information, CRNCH hosts this invitational meeting on the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta. The day includes guest talks, panel discussions and a poster session from our students.

CRNCH Summit - January 31st, 2020

The CRNCH Summit was held on Georgia Tech's campus in Atlanta, GA. The 2020 summit hosted over 75 industry, government, and academic researchers in a wide-ranging discussion of topics related to post-Moore computing. Please see the link below for the full agenda, slides, and posters from the student poster session.

2020 CRNCH Summit Agenda and Slides

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